Bed bugs Suck! Blood – Acne – Disease

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that feed on human blood. Normally, bed bugs are active prior to dawn and generally found living either on, or close to a bed or human sleeping place.

Metro King Pest Control Inc. professionals are specialized to eradicate bed bugs infestation. We identify areas of infestation with modern tools and techniques. Metro King Pest Control Inc. has a complete solution to eradicate bed bug problems in your home. If you do have bed bugs, don’t be panic. The solution is just a call away. Our unique bed bugs treatment programme usually eliminates the bugs in a single treatment if you are fully prepared for the treatment. We use Integrated Pest management (IPM) to control the bed bugs infestation.

If you run a hotel, or motel, you know the importance of getting any rooms back in service as quickly as possible. Our bed bugstreatment programme has been developed with your businesses in mind. It is quick and minimises the use of chemicals, making it more environmentally-friendly.

Our targeted approach means that in many cases we eradicate the problem on the first visit and so you can get the rooms back in service in just a couple of hours. Metro King Pest Control Inc. offers a monitoring service to minimise the likelihood of a re-infestation and keep your rooms in service.

We achieve guaranteed 100% results in pest elimination by using all scientific and modern pest management techniques like Integrated Pest Management (IPM).


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